Access Panels

Knauf Metal manufactures a range of quality access panels for different applications.

Steel Access & Door Panels

The Steel Access Panels offering is made from sturdy lightweight steel and it can be used for any basic application. 

Special Sizes

Knauf Metal can manufacture special size panels to suit individual project requirements. For a quote or to place an order complete the Special Access Panel Order Form and send this to your regional Sales Manager or Customer Service Team.

Standard Sizes

While there may be some variation between different types of panel, the table below indicates standard sizes, recommended cut out size and actual opening size when the panel door is accessed. Refer to Knauf Metal Slimline Access Panels Installation Guide for more information and installation instructions.

Panel Size

Cut Size

Actual Opening

300mm x 300mm

310mm x 310mm

260mm x 260mm

450mm x 450mm

460mm x 460mm

410mm x 410mm

530mm x 530mm

540mm x 540mm

490mm x 490mm

600mm x 600mm

610mm x 610mm

560mm x 560mm

For more information about Knauf Metal Access Panels contact your regional Sales Manager or Customer Service Team by calling 1300 725 675.

Steel Access Panels