Design Services

Knauf Metal provides a complete design service and our structural engineers will assist you with all phases of your project from concept to completion.

Our team of sales and technical professionals are supported by a company wide network with many years of experience in the wall and ceiling industry. They can assist with product and system selection throughout the building process, whether it is by phone, email, or office and site visits.

Basic design information can be found in the Knauf Metal Manual and the Knauf Technical Manual which provide Architects, Engineers, Designers, Contractors and Subcontractors with:

  • A quick and easy to use reference guide.
  • Convenient design aids in the form of maximum height and maximum span tables.
  • Section properties to enable the design of required configurations not already covered.
  • Installation and construction detail.

The Height and Span Tables for Knauf Metal steel products provide solutions for the following broad range of design conditions.

  • Design loads which are uniformly distributed.
  • Spans for single span, double spans and continuous spans as specified.
  • Sizes of steel products with all dimensions.
  • Steel products with nominated base metal thicknesses (BMT’s).

For design and certification of systems outside the scope of the Knauf Metal Manual, contact Knauf Technical Team. To request a hard copy of a Knauf Manual or for general technical support contact your Knauf Sales Manager  or call your Customer Service Team on 1300 725 675 to discuss your requirements.