External walls are subject wind pressures that are much higher than internal walls. The design pressures are determined by the region, the proximity to the coast, the surrounding terrain and the importance level of the building. For this reason it is important to have these walls designed by a Structural Engineer.

External Steel Wall Systems

Knauf Metal provides a full design and inspection service backed up by a Knauf Warranty. The detailed engineered designs which are issued, allow for the varied wall heights and window or door openings specific to each project.

Knauf Metal External Walls can be:

  • Sheeted with an appropriate wall board

  • Provide structural support for the Knauf Facade System or other Facade systems

  • Provide structural support for a brick veneer

  • Provide structural support for Aerated Concrete Panels

Knauf Metal External Framing has superior corrosion protection.

Contact Knauf Technical Team for a comprehensive engineering service when choosing Knauf Metal external wall products.

Refer to Knauf Metal Manual for more information and installations instructions.