The Knauf Metal Façade System was developed to provide an attractive express joint system for 9mm CFC boards.

Featuring a recessed 120mm Top Hat which allows for the ideal compression of an EPDM Closed Cell adhesive sealing tape and a patented Backing Strip, the system has been CSIRO tested with various configurations and plasterboard types.

Other Top Hat profiles with 75mm and 50mm faces are combined to provide a more traditional façade where the board joints are set and the façade either painted or rendered.

Standard Top Hat profiles have a 35mm depth however Knauf Metal can custom roll Top Hat profiles within a range of sizes.

Façade System – Express Joint

The system utilises four Knauf Metal products which are used with a 9mm CFC sheet and appropriate sealant.

1. AFSTH120-115 The Knauf Metal Façade Top Hat 120 has a recessed channel to accommodate the EPDM gasket.

2. ATH50-115 Knauf Intermediate Top Hat provides vertical support to the middle of the sheeting where an express joint is not required.

3. AFSBS – Our patented Backing Strip provides an attractive horizontal express joint.

4. AFSK1616 The Knauf Metal Façade System EPDM Closed Cell foam gasket has a self adhesive backing and is UV stable.

For detailed installation instructions, refer to the Knauf Façade Systems Manual.