Knauf offers a range of speciality clips complementing our various systems. This range includes ceiling fixings, suspension rod and top cross rail clips, clips for furring channels and battens as well as acoustic isolation clips in various forms.

Below some popular products:

     AC001 - available with a non threaded insert or M6 threaded insert

     AC79SRES - for Top Cross Rail to Furring Channel isolation at any angle

     ACTCRRES-200 - adjustable TCR clip for direct fixing 

     ACFCAM - Furring Channel Adjustable Mount 

     ACFCSAM - Furring Channel Screw Adjustable Mount 

     ACFCRESAM - Furring Channel Adjustable Resilient Mount 

For more information on the Clip range contact your regional Sales Manager or Customer Service Team by calling 1300 725 675.