Warranty Information

Knauf Metal guarantees that products and components manufactured by Knauf Metal for use and application in Knauf Metal Ceiling Systems and Steel Stud Wall and Partition Systems have been designed and tested to conform to relevant industry and manufacturing standards.

Knauf Metal products are free from defects in materials and workmanship.

When designed and installed in accordance with Knauf Metal specifications and details as provided in Knauf Metal product brochures and manuals, Knauf Metal will comply with the relevant provisions and requirements of the BCA and NZBCA

Fire tests for Knauf Metal Steel Stud Wall Partitions systems and Concealed Ceiling systems have been undertaken in conjunction with BRANZ testing authority New Zealand.

Knauf Metal provides a standard Guarantee period for all Knauf Metal Ceiling Systems and Steel Stud Wall and Partition Systems.

Should any Knauf Metal components or product fail to meet the specified warranties within the specified Guarantee period, Knauf Metal shall at its discretion;

  • replace the defective product or components
  • supply replacement product or components equal to the defective product or component
  • undertake repairs or modifications, however, Knauf Metal will not be liable for any special, consequential, direct or indirect loss, damage, harm or injury which may be as a result of such defect, to the extent permitted by law.

Details of the guarantee period can be obtained from Knauf Metal.

Knauf Metal may invalidate this Guarantee where;

  • product and components have not been installed in accordance with Knauf Metal recommended installation specifications, or
  • product and components used have not been manufactured or approved by Knauf Metal, or
  • Knauf Metal product and components have been installed in areas that are subject to moisture or corrosive materials, or
  • where Knauf Metal product and components have been disturbed by other trades, or Knauf Metal has not been paid for product supplied.

Refer to the Knauf Metal Product Warranty.